Ruben Gallego, Congressional Candidate in D7, Challenged Over 2008 Name Change

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The lawsuit alleges Gallego is "misrepresenting" himself to voters and that his nomination petition "does not state the candidate's actual name" rendering him ineligible to have his name printed on the official ballot.

"Upon information and belief, "Gallego" is not his actual complete "surname and given name or names," the court document states.

Except that it is, at least according to court documents we got our hands on.

A Maricopa County Superior Court document states that "done in open court on August 7, 2008," Ruben Marinelarena legally changed his name to Ruben Gallego. Marinelarena became Gallego's middle name.

Wilcox said in a statement that "anyone running for public office has a responsibility to do so in an open and honest way. My opponent has used the names Ruben Marinelarena, Ruben Gallego, Ruben Gallego Marinelarena, and Ruben Marinelarena Gallego at different times for various purposes since he moved to Arizona, a few years ago. A lot has happened under each of those names, and the voters have a right to know who a candidate really is."'

But court documents related to Gallego's name change are public record. (See the actual record at the end of the post.)

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