Russell Pearce a One-Note Johnny, New Bob Worsley Video Correctly Says

The Worsley camp's latest, and how true it is...

At the Red Mountain Tea Party Monday night, recalled, disgraced ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce did not bow out of the GOP primary in Legislative District 25 for state Senate, as some in the blogosphere had anticipated.

Instead, according to those in attendance, Pearce spoke to the usual crowd of alter-kockers about -- you guessed it -- immigration, thereby demonstrating the same point made by his rival Bob Worsley's latest campaign video: That Pearce is a one-note Johnny, for whom Chopsticks would be a stretch.

True to form, the Mesa muttonhead mumbled through a string of stock phrases and tired anecdotes, never touching on the rumors swirling last week that he was going to drop out of the race, ceding the primary to Worsley.

That gossip was kicked up by Channel 12's Brahm Resnik via Twitter, though I'd heard similar scuttlebutt from other sources. 

Pearce's slithery stalwart Constantin Querard replied to Resnik's Tweets the same day, naysaying the report.

"Russell Pearce is still running for state Senate," the Venomous One wrote. "Rumors to the contrary are likely just wishful thinking by New Times loving lefties."

Um, not really, Bubba. As I explained in a previous post, where I introduced the world to one helluva hi-larious Pearce-Downfall parody, I win whether Pearce stays on the Andrea Gail, or steps off before it leaves port. 

Either way, Pearce is going down. It's merely a matter of time.

I confess, it'll be fun to see Pearce crushed again. Worsley is a mega-rich Republican, the founder of SkyMall, and a member in good standing of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with a record of leadership in a local congregation. 

On the other hand, Pearce remains as mean as ever, and does not seem capable of shedding his reptilian skin. The reality is, at his age, he couldn't change if he wanted to. His reputation for corruption and prejudice is Superglued to his skeleton.

I reckon if you've drunk deep of the Kool-Aid, that's not a worry. But his fan club grows smaller with each passing day. The Red Mountain Tea Party doesn't even meet in LD 25. Most of Pearce's support, you see, comes from outside his district. And they can't vote for him, no matter how much they worship him.

Pearce stumbled recently by asking the state Legislature for $260,000, and the Gilbert tragedy caused by baby-killing neo-Nazi J.T. Ready, an erstwhile pal of Pearce's, only raises again the question of Pearce's choice in friends and lack of judgment.

The man is prone to self-inflicted wounds. Sham candidate Olivia Cortes being the most obvious example. Worsley will be the beneficiary of Pearce's ham-fisted tactics. Ditto the Pearce camp's inevitable turn to dirty trickery.

This time, the victory will be twice as sweet as Jerry Lewis' win in the 2011 recall. There's no way Pearce will be able to claim he was defeated by leftists, anarchists or little green men from the planet Zatar. That propaganda will fall by the wayside, as once again Mesa rejects Pearce's malevolent politics. 

It would have been wise for Pearce to opt out of running. Now he's bulldozing straight toward the two-time-loser cliff, from which there will be no return. Grab a three month supply of Diet Coke and Red Vines. This will be more fun than a Three Stooges marathon.

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