Russell Pearce, Buffalo Rick and the White Knights of America.

Holocaust-denier John Watson with state Rep. Russell Pearce.

I was somewhat gratified to see the East Valley Tribune follow my blog item on Russell Pearce removing the name of alleged public urinator Buffalo Rick Galeener from his list of endorsers. Check out the story by Trib scribbler Sonu Munshi, here. Wonder if the Republic will get on the ball and report the item as well.

While they're at it, they might want to look into some of Pearce's other unsavory endorsers, such as anti-Hispanic Hispanic Anna Gaines, head of the recall effort against Mayor Phil Gordon, and alleged trespasser. She was popped while trying to gather sigs for the petition at a Borders Books where Sheriff Joe Arpaio was doing a book signing. They asked her to leave, she wouldn't, and got cuffed by the po-po. Tomorrow is the deadline for the anti-Phil effort's petitions. Look for it to go down like a clay pigeon after someone yells, "Pull."

Buffalo Rick, kicked to the curb...

Minuteman founder Chris Simcox, listed on Pearce's site as a "committee chair," is no saint either, as is evidenced in this 2005 profile by the Southern Poverty Law Center, where they delve into his troubled past with his ex-wife and being arrested in a federal park for a gun violation. Then there's the endorsement of Pearce by former state Senator and all-out wacko Karen Johnson, who believes 9/11 was an inside job by the Bush administration.

Russ and J.T. work the crowd at the June 2007 nativist event.

In the Trib article, Republican bloodhound Nathan Sproul, the guy fronting the anti-Pearce org Mesa Deserves Better, told reporter Munshi that Pearce has "embraced the most extreme elements of society and they have embraced him back." Sproul goes on to single out Tonopah's White Knights of America, a white supremacist group, which regular readers of this blog know is co-sponsoring this September's racist skinhead Oi Fest! in the West Valley.

Another shot from the same June 2007 shindig...

The now-infamous shot of neo-Nazi J.T. Ready and Pearce arm-in-arm originally came from the WKOA's Web site. But contrary to those who would have you believe that this pic was a one-off, I have other pics of Ready and Pearce together. Indeed, I was present on that hot day in June of 2007, reporting on the anti-immigration event there. After J.T. spoke, and was applauded by Pearce, I watched the two of them as they walked around, working the crowd together. I remember that J.T. wouldn't speak to me that day. In fact, before he and Pearce hung out, he tried to complain to the Capitol police about me being present. Of course, they took no action.

Ready in Omaha with the NSM...

Another person who got a pic with his hero Russ is John Watson, aka John the Scot, listed on the WKOA Web site as a "political activist." Watson and I chatted at the event, where he expressed his doubt in the Holocaust ever occuring. He said he was with WKOA then, and he later identified himself as a member of WKOA at a meeting of ex-KIA peddler Rusty Childress' hate group United for a Sovereign America. Here's how I wrote it up in my Bird column at the time after infiltrating the racist gabfest.

The money shot, courtesy of the White Knights of America.

...at the meeting this mockingbird attended, a member of the Tonopah-based organization White Knights of America, whom The Bird recognized as John Watson, a.k.a., John the Scot, assailed New Times, claiming there were no white supremacists at the June 16 anti-immigration rally, or in the White Knights, for that matter. This, despite a moniker borrowed from the more famous group of White Knights — those donning hoods and burning crosses in the Ku Klux Klan.

A glance at the White Knights' Web site at whiteknightsofamerica.com leaves little doubt about their racist raison d'etre. Not only does the site defend David Lane, founder of The Order, a white supremacist gang that terrorized America in the '80s, it's full of quotes like, `We especially oppose homosexuality and liberalism! Only through Racial Honor can we reclaim our People and pull ourselves up . . . out of the mud!!' And, `We, the White Knights of America, an organized Party of Aryan Loyalists, define our Cause as such: Folk and Fatherland.'

Now, that ain't no chess club, chickadees. Watson, who speaks in a heavy Scottish accent, went on to assert that this talon bearer's `a supporter of NAMBLA [the North American Man-Boy Love Association] and is pro-pedophilia.'

NAMBLA? Er, no. But NAFFLA, yes. That's the North American Falcon-Femmebot Love Association, of which this beaker is Tailfeather in Chief. The pro-pedophilia thing must be projection on the part of the tartan 'tater-head. This peacock prefers of-age skirt-bearers. Jailbait need not apply.

By the way, this pelican does recall chatting with John the Scot at the June 16 March for America demo at the state Capitol, where haggis-boy explained how the Holocaust was a hoax and Adolf Hitler wasn't such a bad bloke after all. Supposedly, the Scot is a legal immigrant. But if this is what we get when folks follow the rules, this gull will take the illegals any time.

To be fair, some guy who said he heads the WKOA later wrote to me and claimed that Watson was not in their group and never would be. But his mug's still up on the WKOA site, and he did claim to be a member. What, did Watson forget to pay his dues or something? Skinflint Scot!

From Pearce's Web site to that of the WKOA, it's not difficult to identify Pearce's bigoted base. Along these lines, Sproul had another great quote in the Trib piece:

"If I was being promoted by white supremacists, I'd take it as an insult...What's wrong with Pearce's politics that makes white supremacists embrace him? That tells us why he's not fit to be in the state Legislature."

My sentiments exactly, boyo.

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