Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce Disses 47 Percent of Americans, Insults Legal Immigrants, Gets Ethnic Jokes from Working Buddies, All in County E-Mails

As he already has demonstrated through his vile comments on the forced sterilization of female Medicaid recipients, recalled ex-state Senator Russell Pearce has complete contempt for the poor.

The outrage over these remarks, made by Pearce on his weekly radio show, recently forced Pearce's resignation as first vice chair of the Arizona GOP.

But Pearce still has his $85,000-a-year gub'mint job working for fellow Republican and Maricopa County Treasurer Charles "Hos" Hoskins. And Pearce has no problem letting Hoskins know what he thinks of poor folk, as he did on September 2, via his county e-mail address.

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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