Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce in the Bunker, Part Deux

Thanks to Dennis Gilman for posting this piece of comedy genius...

You loved him last time, frothing at the mouth about leftist pigs, throwing pencils at his subordinates, pleading for someone to phone his good buddy J.T. Ready for him.

And you'll love him again, ranting in the bunker, as a fundraiser for his state Senate campaign in Legislative District 25 gets booted from three locations, ending up, at least in jest, at a local IHOP.

That's right, back for more shenanigans is Mesa's own thick-necked, bad-boy nativist Russell Pearce in the role he was born to play: Adolf Hitler in the comedy blockbuster, "Russell Pearce in the Bunker, Part 2."

This gut-busting sequel to the first "Russell Pearce in the Bunker" video plays off a recent Pearce fiasco where a fundraiser for the recalled state Senate President was shut down by a determined posse of anti-Pearce activists.

I don't want to spoil the fun, but let's just say Apache Junction, Pearce's mojo and corndogs, all play prominent roles. Not to mention crab cakes, which, as you will see, are for pansies.

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