"Russell Pearce Is a Nazi," and Five Other Google Opinions on Arizonans

When you type "why is Arizona" into Google, the search engine provides some of the more popular suggestions to complete your search, like "so hot," "so racist," "so boring," and "so crazy."

Just about every state has it bad in Google's court of public opinion, but that led us to finding some downright fascinating things about Arizonans that people are typing into Google -- here are our top six:

1. "Russell Pearce is a..."

At least "Mormon" beat "moron."

2. "Arizonans are..."


3. "Why is Jan Brewer..."

An election happened. There's also a co-winner for the Brewer category:

4. "Is Joe Arpaio..."

A racist, Mormon, gay, Italian felon? Better Google that.

5. "Paul Babeu is..."

Whoops. Better turn "safe search" on.

6. "People in Arizona are..."

Screw you, asshole. We're "Arizonans," to answer your question.

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