Russell Pearce, Jan Brewer, Tom Horne, the Tea Party, All Get the Dennis Gilman Treatment

Gilman's latest: Beyond 1070: The Tea Party's War on Children

I'm sure glad I'm on local, lefty videographer Dennis Gilman's good side. Otherwise, he might skewer me in a video like the one above, where Attorney General Tom Horne, state Senator Lori Klein, state Senate President Russell Pearce, Governor Jan Brewer and an assorted bag of aggro Tea Party nutbars fly the nativist flag and get served in return.

Gilman paints this crew as anti-kid, and in large part they are, as long as the kids are brown. The kids dive into the battle as well and what the hateful bikers and wackadoodles seem to miss is that one day not too far away, they'll be decrepit and these pint-sized warriors will be fully grown and in their prime. One wonders how the nativist oldsters will explain their past actions then.

My favorite part of  Gilman's latest is his list of folks that didn't take ethnic studies classes. This includes the neo-Nazis, the nativists,Timothy McVeigh, child-killer Shawna Forde and so  on. I concur with the sentiment. That's why, in regard to ethnic studies, I've always believed such courses should remain optional for the various ethnic and racial groups involved. But for the white kids, they need to be mandatory.

As for Klein, Pearce, et al., obviously they need remedial classes.

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