Russell Pearce: None of Us Are Citizens of the United States, Also Five Immigration Bills Will Not Be Reconsidered

Can someone please tell this crank about the night they drove ol' Dixie down?

As I blogged recently, the main concern of the pro-immigrant side after the defeat of five anti-immigrant bills last week in the state Senate was that under Senate rules, someone who voted against the measures could move that the bills be reconsidered.

This would've had to happen today. It didn't. So the Senate bills dealing with birthright citizenship, making school officials and hospital workers into de facto ICE agents, and Senate President Russell Pearce's immigration omnibus blockbuster SB 1611, are dead in their current forms.

Pearce could revive them as strike-everything amendments, perhaps even move to put them on the state ballot, but he'd have to flip enough GOP nays to yeas to move them through the Senate.

State Senator Kyrsten Sinema said she thought Pearce might try to do some strikers -- so called because they strike all existing language in a bill and replace it with entirely new language -- but on different immigration bills, not these five. She told me she believes the filthy five to be kaput in the Senate.

There are House versions of the birthright citizenship bills, HB 2562 and HB 2561, both sponsored by state Representative John Kavanagh. But so far, neither one has been assigned to committees, and word is that House Speaker Kirk Adams is not friendly to the proposals.

Similarly, Pearce-lackey and state Representative Carl Seel is sponsoring HB 2505 and HB 2179, legislation requiring schools to "count" undocumented kids. Both seem permanently stalled.

Still, I do not think Pearce will take this laying down. Not only is he likely to attempt some striker bills in the Senate, but he and his Tea Party, hate-immigrant allies will target those recalcitrant Senate Republicans in the 2012 primaries.

On another Pearce-related note, the ThinkProgress blog just posted a snippet of a speech given by Pearce at a Tea Party rally in Oceanside, California on October, 10 of last year. In his most Confederate-sounding statement to date, Pearce asserts that none of us are citizens of the United States. Instead we are citizens of the respective states wherein we reside.

Will someone please send this idgit a copy of the U.S. Constitution and Ken Burns' PBS documentary series The Civil War? And while you're at it, tell this treacherous so-and-so that the Union won.

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