Russell Pearce, Ol' Buds with Killer J.T. Ready, Now Wants to Be the Poster Boy for Gun Rights

The Arizona Republic somehow has found it reasonable to give a platform to recalled Senate President Russell Pearce, and in Pearce's op-ed piece this morning, he says he wants to be known for his stance on gun rights.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Pearce isn't the guy to trust on gun "freedom," as his ex-bud, neo-Nazi J.T. Ready, murdered four innocent people, including a baby -- with a gun, naturally.

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While chastising the media for perceived negative coverage of pro-gun laws passed in Arizona, Pearce claims that no one's getting shot.

"No one wants to hear that all these crazies are carrying guns and no one is getting shot," Pearce writes. "How could that possibly be newsworthy?"

This isn't surprising, given Pearce's announcement after the shooting of people in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, that those people only died because the people in the movie theater didn't have guns.

And this is all part of Pearce's argument that people should have been paying attention to his "Constitutional carry" bill, not that SB 1070 stuff.

"Civil rights were reborn here on the same day SB 1070 took effect, but the media ignored that," Pearce says in an incredibly ironic sentence.

Apparently Pearce is discovering that folks just ain't hatin' brown folks like they used too, but guns might not have been the best new bread-and-butter issue for Pearce.

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