Russell Pearce Recall Challenge Moves to Arizona Supreme Court

The Arizona Supreme Court has granted a review of the legal challenge filed by attorney Lisa Hauser to the recall of state Senate President Russell Pearce, aka, Ross v. Bennett.

Both sides in the case had petitioned for the Supremes to rule on the matter. Today the court issued the following minute entry:

"This appeal will be considered and decided by the Court on the briefs submitted to the Court of Appeals without oral argument."

According to court spokeswoman Jennifer Liewer, the court will; "conference" the case on Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011. Normally, they would hear oral arguments, then conference.

As you'll recall, Superior Court Judge Hugh Hegyi shot down Hauser's longshot challenge back on August 12, following oral arguments earlier that week. 

Hauser messed up on her appeal, went to the Supremes first, and was bumped down to the Arizona Court of Appeals on a technicality. From there the parties involved petitioned the Supremes to hear the case.

Pearce's fierce legal attack schnauzer had requested oral arguments. Instead, the Supremes will judge the case on a matter of law.

Which is not good for Hauser or Pearce, according to Tom Ryan, who represents the recall committee Citizens for a Better Arizona.

Ryan issued the following statement via e-mail:

"The facts of this case are clear cut and the Supreme Court denied appellant's request for oral argument because they see this as a matter of pure law. Law that has stood the test of time for 87 years. It is a law designed to get odious cretins out of office when the electorate no longer has use for them."

Odious cretins, indeed. Pearce fits that bill, and unless the Supremes do something wacky, there will be one less odious cretin in office come November 8.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.