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Russell Pearce Scores Paying Gig as "President" of Ban Amnesty Now

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McCaffrey said he'll focus his efforts on being the chairman and CEO of the Conservative Leadership Coalition, of which BAN is a subsidiary. McCaffrey will also remain on the radio show as a co-host.

As McCaffrey once had me on the program as a guest, I suggested that Pearce have me on again, so I could verbally pummel the Mesa muttonhead, like when he was a Legislator.

McCaffrey promised that he'd run the idea by Pearce, but he confided to me that Pearce was "not a fan" of my work. So I shouldn't get my hopes up, he warned.

BAN and Pearce have an "at-will" contract, based on a handshake deal brokered over a breakfast at a local Cracker Barrel, McCaffrey explained.

Cracker Barrel? Insert your own joke here.

If Pearce decides to run for a "public elective office," he would have to step down from the BAN gig, as the organization is a non-profit, and cannot back candidates, McCaffrey said.

He told me Pearce gave him no definite commitment for his tenure as BAN prez. Which means Pearce could still make a bid for some office on the 2012 ballot.

No doubt, Pearce will pull a regular audience of Mexican-haters, xenophobes and assorted trailer-park hooligans to the AM dial. 

But I'll be tuning in as well, if only to catalog all of the prevarications Pearce can't help from spitting. 

And if he can't have me on as a guest, perhaps he could have on his sham-wow candidate Olivia Cortes, and they could dissect how they failed to "dilute" the vote in the historic recall election that booted him from office.

Hey, just a suggestion.

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