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Russell Pearce Skunked by Bob Worsley in LD 25 Republican Primary

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For recalled, disgraced two-time loser, former state Senate President Russell Pearce, there are no more excuses.

Bested in yesterday's Republican primary by Mesa entrepreneur Bob Worsley, a deeply conservative fellow Mormon, Pearce cannot blame his failure on the unique circumstances of last year's recall election, which was open to all eligible voters.

Nope, only GOPers and Independents so inclined could cast ballots for Worsley or Pearce on Tuesday. And at midnight, with 37 out of 37 precincts reporting, the unofficial results of the primary were stunningly similar to the recall's numbers.

Political newcomer Worsley clobbered Pearce by nearly 12 percentage points to become his party's nominee for state Senate in heavily Republican Legislative District 25, where a general election promises to be a mere formality.

Last night, Worsley garnered 12,789 votes to Pearce's 10,087.

In November, Pearce's recall challenger, Jerry Lewis, also topped Pearce by 12 percent, earning 12,812 votes to Pearce's 10,121.

I've heard of deja vu all over again, but this is ridiculous.

Last year's contest in what was then Legislative District 18, featured sham candidate Olivia Cortes, pimped by Russ' friends and family, plus the promulgation of a pack of vicious lies by the Pearce camp about Lewis. Not to mention a physical attack on Lewis, in the form of a padlock to the groin, thrown from a moving car.

This year's LD 25 primary also had its share of weirdness and high jinks, with Pearce's receiving support from the mysterious "Arizona Teacher's [sic] Association," Pearce's claiming a congressman's endorsement before asking for it, and Pearce's self-destructive blame-the-victim comments about the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the May killing spree and suicide of erstwhile Pearce pal, neo-Nazi baby-killer J.T. Ready, which Pearce responded to by whining about the press hounding him for a comment.

As was the case in 2011, at least by the time I left Worsley's stately Mesa home a little before 11 p.m., Pearce had not called his triumphant competitor to concede.

Lewis, who was present to watch to the returns with Worsley and his supporters joked at one point that Pearce should call to congratulate him first, and Worsley second, as Lewis was still owed a call.

Same old Pearce: no class 'til the last. Worsley was far more magnanimous.

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