Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce-Worship, and Corrupt Proxy Voting at the County GOP

Why are non-loony Republicans always on the outs in the county and state GOP, with the insaniac Mexican-haters firmly in control?

In her blog on Sunday, moderate Republican Paula Pennypacker described one of the main tactics of GOP county chairman Rob Haney's nativist cult: The gaming of the proxy system, which allows GOP PCs to hand over their votes to others for casting.

She states that she attended a mandatory MCRC meeting on Saturday, and knew from jump that a slate endorsed by disgraced ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce and his cohort, our as-yet-unindicted Sheriff Joe Arpaio, would win on the first ballot.

She writes,

"I knew that because I witnessed multiple people, stuffing mufti-paper [sic] proxy ballots into boxes arranged around the auditorium. It brought images of Afghanistan, and ink dipped fingers to mind, a vain attempt to ensure one person, one vote elections, until they figured out that the ink could be easily removed."

Pennypacker reports that Haney & Co. recruit neophyte PCs aplenty at Tea Party functions, then use the new stooges to ill-ends.

"Most tea partiers didn't even know what a PC was," she notes of the effort. "But after being recruited by rabid partisans, they were told to just get 5 signatures, get elected, hand me your proxy -- and leave the rest up to us."

And "overseeing the whole scam"? None other than Constantine Querard, whom Pennypacker correctly pegs as, "the slimy political operative who assisted Pearce in his historic recall loss."

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