Russell Pearce's Big Announcement on State Senate Run Comes March 19

I have just intercepted the e-mail blast below from 12-point loser, recalled ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce. According to the communication, Arizona's biggest bigot intends to make it official on March 19 regarding a run for state Senate in the newly-formed Legislative District 25.

There's no little irony in the fact that he will be making his announcement at the Red Mountain Tea Party, as Pearce's Tea Party backers were deeply involved in the sham candidacy of Olivia Cortes during the 2011 recall

Cortes was run as a diversionary candidate to split the vote in Pearce's favor. The effort ended in court appearances and scandal, and likely helped current state Senator Jerry Lews prevail over Pearce. 

Now Pearce is letting us re-live his embarrassing loss and all of the shenanigans that took place on his behalf by his campaign operatives, family members and supporters. 

Talk about shameless. Pearce could give Sheriff Paul Babeu a run for his money in that category.

Already, he's starting out his new candidacy with deceit. He crows about balancing the state budget while in office with "No borrowing, NO bonding and NO gimmicks." Reckon he conveniently forgot about selling the Capitol buildings, which sunk the state $1 billion further into a total debt hole of $8.5 billion.

He also proudly notes that he was once head of the Arizona Department of Transportation's Motor Vehicle Division, while neglecting to mention that he was fired from that post, reportedly for altering a Tucson woman's driving record as a political favor for a state legislator.

And so the prevarications, the distortions, the baldfaced whoppers begin again on March 19. Actually, they never stopped, but Pearce's impending candidacy gives me good reason to debunk them all once more.

From: "Russell Pearce" 

Subject: March 19th announcement!!!!!! Please join me. Pass this along to friends and family

Dear fellow Patriots:

Join me March 19th at 7PM at the Red Mountain Tea Party at 74th Street and Apache Trail in Mesa (North side at the Charter School). I will be joined by many elected officials, i.e. Sheriff Joe, Senators and Representatives, Congressional and legislative candidates, Arizona Republican Latinos, Tea Party Leaders, Tea Party Patriots and other Conservative leaders in our state. We have some heavy lifting to do and strong conservative leadership is a must. As I make this very tough decision to run or not to run for the Senate, I am reminded of my duty to the freedoms we have been blessed with in this God given Republic. My first priority is to make sure we have a strong Constitutional Conservative Caucus and work well together. As it goes, family can have disagreements, I hope as we do, we deal with them in a manner that keeps us close and united in our efforts to improve the quality of life for our families, taxpayers, businesses, protect our God given rights and our Constitutional liberties. I am saddened by those who have invaded our state to go after Patriots doing their Constitutional duty and I am saddened by those who have joined them in this destructive behavior. I intend to stay in this fight for Constitutional liberties, families and a secure America. How, I intend to be involved will be announced Monday, March 19th.

Just for the record: I vote 100% pro life I vote 100% pro freedom (sponsored legislation making Arizona #1 in the nation in 2nd Amendment and other freedom issues) I vote 100% for parental rights I vote for limited government and reduced regulation on businesses I vote for Private Property Rights protections I wrote the legislation to eliminate Affirmative Action in the State of Arizona As President of the Senate I helped produce a Constitutionally balanced budget (the first in many years) I am a national leader in securing our border and the rule of law I refuse to retreat from the attacks from the far left and open border crowd and their threats, insults and slander I stand for School Choice and have received the Apple Award for my strong position of quality education and accountability I wrote SB1070 and many other bills supported across American by over 2 to 1 I am always rated at the top by taxpayer groups, Pachyderm Coalition, Goldwater Institute in protecting the taxpayers, protecting freedom, stopping the encroachment of government on liberties and voting constitutionally.

There are core principles that we must work together on as this state faces some very difficult issues, i.e. budget, jobs, taxes, quality education/school choice, border security, transportation issues and dedicated and strong public safety issues.

I served in the Legislature for 11 years, 8 of those years as Appropriations Chair, making the tough decisions with our limited dollars and promoting strong fiscal accountability in the process. I have served as Chief Deputy of the 4th largest Sheriff's office in the nation, the Director of Arizona's MVD, and as a Judge, and in every one of those positions I have been vigilant in service to our citizens, in reducing cost, improving efficiencies, requiring accountability and operating with transparency. I promise to continue to work in that manner, and to promote a climate of mutual respect for the process and your issues. As the President of the Senate I help produce a Constitutionally balanced budget (No borrowing, NO bonding and NO gimmicks); I helped Arizona become #1 in school choice, #1 in 2nd Amendment freedom, #1 in protecting the unborn, moving Arizona from 49 in nation to #7 in job creation and economic recovery.

One factor in my decision to run is that we are losing many of our members due to IRC and the gerrymandering that took place and many years of critical experience. I have given priority to our budget and to helping control reckless spending. I offer my experience and dedication to you at this time. I can promise I will be vigilant in the promotion of our Republican agenda and the platform we adopt as my record is a proven record. As always, All Promised Made will be kept.

Leadership, practiced at its best, is the art and science of calling to the hearts and minds of others. It is engaging others in an enterprise of sound strategic focus, where they can experience a sense of ownership, of making a difference, of being valued and adding value.

You know my passion and my commitment to our Party's principles and values. I am asking for your support.

We are certainly not out of the woods as our recession continues and demands on our tax dollars increase. Still, in 2010 we passed some tremendous legislation, including nationally recognized legislation to enforce the laws of the land, improve school choice, protect mothers and their babies, restore our lost 2nd Amendment rights, enforce our laws and the nation is following our lead. We also made much needed cuts in spending and have begun the long process of restoring fiscal sanity to our great state.

In short, I promise to work for you, with you, and with our business community as we grow "private" sector jobs, not government jobs. I will always put the Constitution, taxpayers and families of this state ahead of any other agenda.

I hope that I can count on your support.

In Liberty,

Russell Pearce

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