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Russell Pearce's Mexican-Bashing E-mails Slammed By Randy Parraz, Others

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Former Senate President Russell Pearce's racist e-mails, recently made public by the ACLU, were slammed today by politicians and activists at the Arizona State Capitol.

Around 20 members of Citizens for a Better Arizona, the group that made the 2011 recall of Pearce a reality, held a press conference outside the state Senate to bash Pearce and demand that the Mesa Republican remove himself from the Arizona GOP primary in Legislative District 25.

"Some of this type of language...is so far over the top," said Randy Parraz, co-founder of CBA. "These type of comments are not befitting of someone running for office of the State Legislature."

Also present was state Senate Minority Leader David Schapira, currently a candidate in the Democrats' Ninth Congressional District primary.

"We hope that Russell Pearce takes the appropriate action in this case," said Schapira,"and decides to not seek a seat in the state senate in this coming election."

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