Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce's Relatives and Olivia Cortes Get a Visit from Channel 12's Brahm Resnik

Bravo to Channel 12's Brahm Resnik for tonight's news segment where he pays a visit to the modest residence of Legislative District 18 recall candidate Olivia Cortes, and stops by the homes of some of state Senate President Russell Pearce's relatives to ask them why they circulated petitions for Cortes.

As readers know, my colleague videographer Dennis Gilman and I have paid a few trips to Cortes' humble apartment already, she has never come to the door, allowing her sister to answer on a couple of occasions. In his report, Resnik says he believes he spotted the elusive Cortes, but that she slammed the door as she saw him approach.

Though I've reported on Pearce family members who've signed the petition sheets, and Dennis and I have confronted pro-Pearce folks such as Pat Oldroyd and Dan Grimm at the now-infamous LD 19 meeting from last week, Resnik advances things by knocking on the doors of two petition circulators -- both nieces of the state Senator.

It's one thing when Dennis and I do this sort of stuff, it's another when a TV reporter like Resnik, with the audience he has at Channel 12, goes after Cortes' sham candidacy with such vigor and doggedness. Keep an eye on Resnik, he's doing solid work on exposing the Pearce-Cortes connection.

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