Russell Pearce's Rival Bob Worsley Drops a New Video, and Lester Pearce Runs for County Supervisor

Eat your heart out, Russ, if you can stand the taste of coal

Here's an incredibly positive new video from the camp of entrepreneur Bob Worsley, candidate for state Senate in Legislative District 25, who is destined to triumph over Mesa's hillbilly hatemonger, recalled state Senate President Russell Pearce.

Love the theme of the video, "Elevate Arizona." How's that for a change of pace? You can expect Pearce to reply with the usual -- lies, dirty tricks, negativity and Mexican-bashin'. Pearce and his alley cat political adviser Constantin Querard don't know any other way to play. 

Still, if Querard's got a clue, and I will award him points for smarmy smarts, he will attempt to soften Pearce's rough edges. That's why, in the near future, I foresee videos of Pearce playing with his grandkids, especially the half-Latino ones, laughing as they toddle through the sprinklers on a sunny summer day.

This won't work, of course. Every time Pearce smiles, his face nearly cracks in half. The guy looks like he'd rather bite a baby than hold one. (Sarcasm alert: No actual cannibalism implied.) Then there's the problem of his reputation and personality. Silk purse, sow's ear, etc.

In the past, Pearce was chair of the state Senate Appropriations committee. After that, state Senate President. Nowadays, he has zero power. Hard to imagine his old lobbyist pals raining Benjamins over him this time around. 

No wonder Russ is dyin' for that $260K his legislative cronies wanna hand him

For those who've e-mailed, yes I've heard that Pearce's bro Lester finally has resigned from his Justice of the Peace gig to run for Maricopa County Supervisor. No surprise, as he'd already filed an exploratory committee to that effect.

Still, the thought of JP Lester rising to become a county supe prompts the following response:

A-ha. Haha. Haaaahaaahaaahaaahaaaaaaaa! Oh, no, no, no. Ha-ha-hah-ha-hahahahahaah-hoo-hooooo. Haahaaahaaahaaah-heeeheeeeeeee! Cough-cough, haaaack-hooooot, snort, retch, cough-cough-cough.

Granted, it isn't as if the current crop of supes is any brain trust. And it's already scary to think of Lester as any kind of judge, even a JP.

Which is why Lester's resignation is the best thing to happen to jurisprudence since the invention of the gavel. 

As I've shown in this blog over and over again, Lester apparently violated the canons of judicial ethics by campaigning for his sibling on more than one occasion during the recall

That, and flipping out just before the Russell Pearce-Jerry Lewis debate in Mesa last year by forcefully grabbing videographer Dennis Gilman's camera, ain't no way to pave the road to higher office.

Poor Lester. Not only is he cursed with a creepy first name, he's even more in need of anger management than Russ. Just a matter of time before he self-destructs on the campaign trail. 

No need for Mrs. Rita's prognostications in Lester's case. I can do that on my own. Drum roll please. Oh here it is. Yes I see it. It's clear as day. Lester's political future:

Epic, epic fail.

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