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Russell Pearce's Wackjob Bro Lester and His Run In with Cari Gerchick

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Sometimes I think recalled, disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce is running as a team with his ex-Justice of the Peace brother Lester to make himself look smarter by comparison.

Russ, as you know, is running for state Senate in Legislative District 25; Lester, for county supervisor from District 2. But Lester is also under investigation by the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct, which is looking into Lester's stumping for his brother during the 2011 recall.

In October of last year, I reported that Lester spoke on behalf of his brother at a GOP LD 19 meeting. Phoenix videographer Dennis Gilman and I were actually at that meeting, but we missed Lester's speech.

Later I posted minutes of the LD 19 meeting as evidence of Lester's flagrant scofflaw-ing.

Lester's since retired as a judge to run for supervisor, entirely self-funding his campaign with a $100,000 loan to himself.

(One of his mailers boasts that he doesn't accept donations from lobbyists. Know why? Because no sane lobbyist would write a check to this hick.)

The CJC may get him yet, as it can still reprimand Lester and it could choose to bar him from running for JP again.

Don't know about you, but I opt for the latter.

Yesterday, I reported on a kerfuffle Lester caused at the county building when he ambushed county spokeswoman Cari Gerchick, personally serving her with a public records request and demanding to know when he would receive all documents related to a protective order the CJC had issued to the county.

Today, Gerchick, who is in all ways a class act, sent over this statement concerning the incident, which upset her as Lester had somehow gained entree to a secure area, waiting for her to arrive, when he could have just left the letter with the receptionist.

It reads:

"By appearing at my office and demanding in person that I violate a Court Order issued by the Commission on Judicial Conduct, Mr. Pearce asked me, an attorney and Officer of the Court, to commit an unethical act. I value and respect the Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys and had I acquiesced to Pearce's demand, I would have violated my oath to uphold the law.

"Equally awkward was that the person who asked me to commit this breach of the rule of law, is one of two candidates running for a contested position on the governing body by whom I am employed and with whose members I work on a daily basis. Without question, I would not and did not violate a court order as Mr. Pearce inappropriately asked me to do. I hope that no county employee is ever again put in the kind of Hobbesian position that I experienced."

If you read Lester's letter, you'll see he actually wanted to keep his public records request secret.

"Since the information relates only to myself, the Protective Order would apply to everyone except myself," Lester writes.

Nice, try, Les.

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