Sadie Madrid Left Dead Dogs To Rot In Her Apartment For Nearly Two Months

Dead puppies are


fun -- just ask 21-year-old Sadie Elizabeth Madrid, who was apparently so bored with her dead dogs that she left them to rot in her apartment for nearly two months.

Madrid's two dogs got sick in early December -- they were throwing up, losing weight, etc. Rather than take the pooches to a veterinarian, or an animal shelter, she left them in her Gilbert apartment in a locked cage with no food or water, which is where they ultimately died.

Then, rather than disposing of the dogs' dead bodies, Madrid left them to rot in the cage for nearly two months -- it wasn't until her roommate noticed a smell coming from her room that the dogs' carcases were discovered.

According to court records obtained by New Times, Madrid's roommate called police on Tuesday, after noticing the smell and finding the dogs' remains.

Police contacted Madrid, who initially told them she had no idea how the dogs ended up locked in the cage. According to her, the dogs ran away when a friend took them to a park several months ago.

That, of course, was a load of crap -- police contacted the friend Madrid said lost the dogs, who told them she never took the dogs to any park, and hadn't even spoken with Madrid since last summer.

Police told Madrid what her friend said about her "lost at the park" story, which is when she told them what really happened to the dogs.

Madrid told police that the dogs had been sick in mid-December. She says she couldn't afford to take them to a vet, so she left them locked in the cage on December 14.

Without finding someone to care for her sick dogs, Madrid then left the apartment for five days.

When she returned to the apartment on December 19, the dogs were dead.

So, rather than disposing of the remains, Madrid put a blanket over the cage and left the apartment again.

It appears that Madrid moved into a Phoenix apartment with her boyfriend after leaving the dead dogs in the apartment -- court records show that she's lived with him at a Phoenix address for about two months.

It seems she kept her things -- including her two dead dogs -- at her former residence, where she still had a room.

We contacted Madrid via-Facebook to see if she'd like to explain why she left her dogs to die in a cage and then left their rotting bodies in her apartment. She didn't immediately get back to us.

Madrid now faces two counts of animal cruelty. We'll let you know if we hear from her.

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