Salvador Reza Discusses Joe Arpaio on GRITtv, and Dennis Gilman's Video on Nazis in Arizona

Dennis Gilman's outdone himself yet again in his latest video, this time focusing on the November neo-Nazi march to the state Capitol, and the links between the Nazis and the nativists. It's a creepy, almost apocalyptic vision of Arizona dominated by racist politicians such as state Senator Russell Pearce, done to the tune of Tom Waits' Rain Dogs, electronic music by local composer D.warf, and some guitar by Gilman himself.

Gilman's latest: Nazis and nativists in Sand Land

At seven minutes 20 seconds, it's well worth the time. One of Gilman's better efforts, in my estimation. I particularly like the way he segues from J.T. Ready leading nativists in chants of "U-S-A., U-S-A" at the state Capitol in 2007 to Ready marching in the Nazi parade a couple of weeks ago.

Salvador Reza blasts the Obama administration on GRITtv

Also, you should check out this Webcast from Laura Flanders' New York-based GRITtv, which leads with a 14 minute segment on Sheriff Joe's racial profiling and features an appearance from Phoenix civil rights activist Salvador Reza of the Puente movement.

It begins with the discussion of the allegation that Arpaio staged Monday's sweep for the ABC Nightline crew that was in town. Both ABC and Arpaio have denied the allegation. Flanders asked Reza if he was critical of ABC for coming to town to cover the sweeps. Reza took the opportunity to blast the Obama administration.

"I don't criticize ABC news," he told Flanders. "What I criticize is [DHS secretary] Janet Napolitano and the Obama administration for allowing him to continue to do the things that they told him he shouldn't be doing, and also in continuing to give him the 287(g) agreements in the jails despite everything that he's doing. They seem to be afraid of him."

I agree, the Obama administration does seem to be afraid of Arpaio, for whatever reason. That's like a cop being afraid to confront a dangerous criminal, which is obviously not a good situation.

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