Sam Crump Goes Mano a Mano with Dennis Gilman on Terrorists Crossing Southern Border

Gilman and Crump go at it in Gilman's latest

In this latest video from Dennis Gilman, the feisty videographer goes at it with GOP candidate for Congress Sam Crump. Crump asserts that there have been documented cases of terrorists attempting to cross the Arizona-Mexico border, and Gilman confronts him on it.

Crump is unable to cite his exact source, and says he read it online somewhere. Checking online, he may have been thinking of a Fox News report from May regarding a terror alert supposedly issued by the Department of Homeland Security to Texas authorities, warning them of members of a Somali terror group trying to cross the Texas-Mexico border.

I wouldn't discount security concerns regarding the southern border, but there are easier ways for a terrorist to enter the United States. You know, like with temporary visa, as the 9/11 hijackers did.

Crossing the Arizona desert is no picnic, as we all know, and coming across the Canadian border would be a piece of cake by comparison. 

As commentator Peter Beinart noted in a 2006 Washington Post editorial, "Would-be terrorists coming from Canada are not only less likely to be caught, they are less likely to die along the way."

(Gilman points out in the video that Millennium Bomber Ahmed Ressam was arrested at the American-Canadian border in 1999 on his way to bomb Los Angeles International Airport.)

I should note that the U.S. Border Patrol has not yet responded to my inquiry into whether or not there have been any documented cases of terrorists attempting to cross the Arizona-Mexico border. If they get back to me, I will update the blog.

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