Sara Petsinger's Meth/Topless Massage Shop Closed For Business Thanks to Undercover Mesa Cop

Sara Petsinger, 31, is going to need a new job -- her meth/topless massage business was shut down yesterday when she was arrested for selling meth and heroin to an undercover Mesa police a school an 8-year-old slept in her apartment.

Petsinger and her co-defendant, 49-year-old Christine Petsinger, face nearly a dozen felony charges each for selling drugs to the officer on two separate occasions. In both instances, Christine Petsinger's 8-year-old son was in the apartment -- in one case, the two smoked meth with the boy in the home.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Christine Petsinger arranged a meth deal between Sara Petsinger and a supposed tweeker on December 2. The tweeker, as we mentioned, was actually an undercover Mesa cop.

Court records don't say how the Petsingers are related, but their ages suggest Christine is Sara's mother.

When the officer got to the Petsinger's Mesa apartment -- which happens to be right across the street from Rhodes Junior High School -- Christine ushered him upstairs, where Sara was waiting with the meth. The 8-year-old stayed downstairs.

The officer purchased $100 worth of meth from the women, as both Petsingers smoked some from a white pipe -- again, with the 8-year-old downstairs.

A few days later, on December 7, the undercover officer was in the market for some heroin. Christine Petsinger again arranged a buy.

When the officer got to the apartment, the 8-year-old was sleeping. Christine again brought the officer upstairs, where he purchased $160 worth of heroin from Sara Petsinger.

The cops sprung their trap yesterday, arresting both women. The boy was turned over to Child Protective Services.

Following her arrest, Sara Petsinger told police she consumes about $400 in illicit drugs a month. She says she sells only to "close friends."

She also told police about her other source of income: an illegal topless massage business she runs out of her apartment.

The Petsingers face several charges, including multiple counts of child abuse, drug possession, drug possession for sale. Sara Petsinger also faces a misdemeanor prostitution charge. 

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