Sarah Palin Leads Potential Pack of Republican Senate Candidates

As first reported by New Times, there are rumors that the Tea Party's number-one ding-bat, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, is considering a run for the Senate seat getting vacated by Senator Jon Kyl -- and according to a recently released poll, if she does run, there's a pretty good chance she'd win.

The poll, conducted by left-leaning pollsters at Public Policy Polling, finds that Republican voters nationwide don't want Palin to be president. However, Arizona Republicans say "you betchya!" to the idea of Palin being the state's next senator.

Palin tops the list of potential GOP candidates with 35 percent of the vote, followed closely by Congressman Jeff Flake, who tallied 33 percent.

Next in line is former TV pitchman J.D. Hayworth with 11 percent of the vote. However, according to the poll, when it comes to Hayworth, "Republican voters flat out don't like him" (trust us, it's not just Republican voters who don't like J.D.).

In a primary with Flake, Hayworth would get thumped 54-27 because he "may be as unpopular an opponent as you can come up with (we couldn't have said it better ourselves)."

Sadly, according to multiple New Times sources, we probably will not get to witness another political beat down of Hayworth -- rumor has it he's already decided not to run.

See the full results of PPP's poll here.

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