Sarah Palin, the Wackjob from Wasilla and Her Crackpot Beliefs

Since Huffington Post published the story a couple of days ago of McCain's Veep choice Sarah Palin's association with the Assemblies of God church in Wasilla, Alaska, nearly 750,000 people have read the item, and presumably watched the video of Palin at the church she attended for many years, giving a speech before a group of "Masters' Commission Students."

Part one of the YouTube video of showing Sarah Palin speaking at Wasilla Assemblies of God.

Still, I think it's almost a public service to post the YouTube videos here, in the off chance that some of you may not have heard about or seen them. Here, the woman who is just a pretzel-choke away from having her finger on the button describes how she is divinely inspired, as is the Iraq War. She also asks students to pray for God to help Alaska get a $30 billion natural gas pipeline built.

"I think God's will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built, so pray for that," Palin told the assembled.

See, Jesus loves natural gas, and oil, and all of our other precious natural resources. I'm sure he loves atomic energy, too. And even wind and solar, just not as much.

Part two of the Palin-Wasilla video...

Hey, it gets wackier, the Iraq War is a "task that is from God." And she even goes into how the one of the church's pastors kinda-sorta foresaw her rise to gubenatorial prominence while praying over her. (Students at Masters' Commission Wasilla Alaska, are "trained and matured in the prophetic gifts, prayer and intercession," the Web site says.)

The Pentecostal fun just keeps on holy rollin'. With Palin still onstage, the church's senior pastor, the Reverend Ed Kalnins, informs students that Alaska is one of the "refuge states," and that "in the last days, hundreds of thousands of people are going to come to this state to take refuge and the church has to minster to them."

After Palin's been prayed over and blessed, Kalnins gives Palin an honorary Masters' Commission diploma as a thank-you. Wonder if this means Palin can now see the future? If so, I wanna know what tomorrow's trifecta at Turf Paradise is gonna be. Give me a sign, Sarah!

Before she leaves the stage, Palin tells the students, some of whom have had their hands raised in a worshipful pose, that someone, not knowing that she'd been a member of the church, had warned her about the congregation's enthusiastic practices before she began..

"I grew up at Wasilla Assemblies of God," she replied. "Nothing freaks me out about the worship service."

The Wall Street Journal has more on the speaking in toungues and whatnot that goes on at the Wasilla Assemblies of God church. (WSJ says Palin was actually baptized Catholic, and that she attends some other evangelical church at present.)

Look, all religion's screwy. But you have to admit, this brand of firewater seems more potent than most. Just remember, this is the paint thinner the hockey mom barracuda has been swiggin' from, and may still be if she ever hits the White House.

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