Sarah Palin's Coming to Arizona to Campaign for John McCain; Should J.D. Hayworth be Worried?

Sarah Palin, the new darling of the Conservative party, announced today that she will be making the campaign rounds for several Republican Congressional candidates, including a stop in Arizona to campaign for her former running-mate, John McCain.

Apparently getting run down by the hope and change-train in the 2008 presidential election didn't sour any of the former Alaska governor's amour for our esteemed senator, despite her discord for the campaign staff -- as is so eloquently chronicled in her bestseller Going Rogue.

McCain -- who may face challengers within his own party in his bid for re-election, including  conservative radio host and former Congressman J.D. Hayworth -- may need all the help he can get to prove to Arizona's gun-slinging conservatives that he's far enough right-of-center to best represent them.

Who better to drum up support from the uber-Conservative crowd than the reasonably hot, caribou-murdering, "aww, shucks" former governor of Alaska, right?

Assuming he challenges McCain, this could spell trouble for Hayworth, who bills himself a  "Mr. Conservative" and gets behind most of the right-wing conspiracy nonsense, like the whole "birther" movement.

As far as we know, Hayworth's biggest-name conservative supporter is Joe Arpaio, who last month hosted a fundraiser to help pay off Hayworth's legal bills.

Palin will be in Arizona some time in March and has also announced that she will be hittin' the stump for a few other candidates during this campaign season, including Minnesota's own loony tunes legislator, Representative Michele Bachmann, who earned the, um, gracious title of CNN's "wingnut of the year."

Click here to check out New Times' sister paper, City Pages, for excellent coverage of Bachmann's bat-shit-crazy brand of conservatism. If nothing else, it'll make you realize that even with McCain representing Arizona, things could be worse.  

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