"Satan" Leads Glendale Man to Sexually Assault Maid -- So He Says

According to a Glendale man, Satan forced him to sexually assault his maid. That's what he told police, anyway.

On June 21, the victim was cleaning 77-year-old Bobby Guyton's Glendale trailer home when he grabbed her hand and forced her to touch his penis on four separate occasions..

The victim told police Guyton would make her uncomfortable as he made sexual comments while she cleaned. He even once tried giving her a hug, but instead of wrapping his arms around her he grabbed her hand and again forced her to touch his crotch.

The woman repeatedly told him "no" and that she "could not do this anymore," according to court documents.

But when affronted by the victim during a confrontation call set up by Glendale police on Tuesday, Guyton at first claimed he didn't know why he forced her to touch him.

After a round of questioning though, he said that "Satan had gotten into him." He told the victim "he did not know why because he didn't get any enjoyment out of it," and that he felt sorry for himself because he hasn't gotten laid since 1980.

After his arrest yesterday, Guyton played dumb during police questioning, claiming he never grabbed the victim's hand. He said she was just upset because he was going to fire her and attempted to hit him in the groin.

Later in the interview, however, Guyton admitted "he may have kept her hand on his penis for several seconds longer than was necessary," and said that's why he though "Satan must have got a hold of him."

Guyton was booked on one count of sexual abuse.

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