Saturday Night Live Skewers SB 1070; Al Sharpton Plans Freedom Walks in Arizona

Like you need more proof that Arizona has become a national joke due to its wingnutty gun laws, its conspiranutty birther bill, and its racist new immigration law SB 1070, Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update took aim at the state's intolerance and fondness for racial profiling with the following swipe from "anchor" Seth Meyers.

"This week Arizona signed the toughest illegal immigration law in the country, which would allow the police to demand identification papers from anyone they suspect is in the country illegally. I know there are some people in Arizona worried that Obama is acting like Hitler, but can we all agree that there's nothing more Nazi than saying, `Show me your papers?'

"There's never been a WWII movie that didn't include the line, `Show me your papers.' It's their catchphrase. Every time someone says `Show me your papers,' Hitler's family gets a residual check. So heads up Arizona, that's fascism. I know, I know, it's a dry fascism, but it's still fascism."

You can watch the Weekend Update segment, here. It begins around 27:24 minutes into the show. The jibes might have been funny, were they not so true.

The new legislation, which was signed into law Friday by our spineless Republican Governor Jan Brewer, drew the we-are-not-amused ire of Gotham politicians such as New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, a proponent of comprehensive immigration reform, who called the law "mean-spirited." New York City Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio referred to the anti-immigrant law as "un-American."

The Rev. Al Sharpton also blasted Sand Land's racial profiling statute, and promised to bring "freedom walkers" to Arizona to challenge the new law and force arrests, invoking the memory of the freedom riders who challenged segregation on interstate buses during the 1960s.

"The Arizona Immigration Bill is an affront to the civil rights of all Americans and an attempt to legalize racial profiling," said Sharpton in a statement on his National Action Network Web site

"As one who helped to make racial profiling a national issue and who has in the last year visited Arizona several times to rally against these draconian immigration policies, I am calling for a coalition of civil rights organizations to work with those in Arizona to resist and overturn this state law that violates the rights of Americans in that state."

Sharpton has challenged Sheriff Joe Arpaio's anti-immigrant sweeps in the past. Last year, he traveled to Phoenix to denounce Arpaio's dragnets. He did his radio show from Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox's El Portal restaurant, met with Arpaio for a one-on-one discussion, and later debated Arpaio on CNN. He also came to town during another occasion last year.

Though there's likely to be some backlash to this criticism of Arizona from many of the provincials here in Cactus Country, others who may soon be under the boot of this new law need all the outside support -- verbal and otherwise -- they can get. 

The nation's beginning to recognize that Arizona's irresponsible, bigoted lawmakers are threatening the civil liberties of the state's own residents, as well as anyone else who crosses through the state. 

By the time this battle is over, Arizona will be further impoverished and reviled as a backwater, the laughing stock of America, a hick land of anti-Mexican rednecks that's worthy of its reputation for ugliness and tyranny. In other words, the same as now, just a little lighter in the pocket.

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