Sayonara to Copper Square?

By Sarah Fenske

We at New Times have never been the biggest fans of the lame moniker for downtown Phoenix pushed by the Downtown Phoenix Partnership. When we hear "Copper Square", we think "lame suburban shopping mall," "focus group," or "Jerrry Colangelo", not "vibrant downtown." Not that we have a vibrant downtown, or anything.

So we were at first delighted to read that the Partnership may be finally axing the Copper Square name. But then, almost immediately, came a worrying follow-up thought: What if they replace it with something even more lame? We weren't exactly reassured when we heard that the branding will focus on Phoenix as "Arizona's cosmopolitan heart."

Have these people ever been downtown after 5:30 p.m.?!

Suffice to say, we'd love to save the Partnership from itself. Give us your best ideas for a new name for downtown Phoenix--and we'll make sure our favorite corporate titans see them.

That doesn't mean they'll necessarily listen to us, of course. But we'll get your ideas out there. And we're pretty sure you can do better than the whole cosmopolitan-heart thingee. Right?

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Sarah Fenske
Contact: Sarah Fenske