SB 1070: Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez Blasts Arizona Law and Plays Pick-the-Immigrant on the House Floor

Representative Luis Gutierrez of Illinois conducted a pop quiz on "spot the immigrant" this morning on the House floor while discussing the Supreme Court decision to allow the "papers please" provision of SB1070 to stand.

Too funny.

On this C-SPAN video (fast-forward to 15 seconds), Gutierrez blasts the law as unAmerican, and Arizona officials for claiming "with a straight face, no less," that they will be able to enforce this law without engaging in racial profiling.

See the video below.

With large photos of well-known faces -- Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez, New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin and the San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker -- he pokes fun at Arizona officials who clearly must have telepathic powers to be able to develop "reasonable suspicion" that someone isn't a U.S. citizen without judging them by their appearance, the color of their skin or the pronunciation of their last name.

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Monica Alonzo
Contact: Monica Alonzo