SB 1070 Injunction: If You're Running for Office in Arizona, it's Awesome (No Matter How You Stand)

If you're running for office in Arizona and haven't issued a detailed statement outlining your position on Judge Susan Bolton's decision to grant an injunction for certain parts of SB 1070, it's time to get to work.

Today was a political opportunist's Christmas in July.

No matter which side of the immigration debate a candidate falls, Bolton's decision has opened the floodgates for e-mail blasts containing prepared statements from candidates looking to use the decision as a chance to say "hey, look at me, look at me."

For candidates who like SB 1070, Bolton's decision gives them an opportunity to rattle their sabers and tout themselves as fierce defenders of Arizona's borders by criticizing the decision via-prepared statements e-mailed to every news outlet in the state.

For those who hate it, the opposite applies; it's a chance to voice opposition to the new law by commending Bolton's decision -- also via-prepared statements e-mailed to every news outlet in the state.

Our inbox has been blasted with both types.

See some of our favorites below.

First up, Senate hopeful J.D. Hayworth.

Here's Hayworth's attempt to strike while the iron's hot:

Judge Bolton has gutted the Arizona law. She has put a hold on major sections of SB 1070 designed to eradicate sanctuary cities and require law enforcement officers to determine the immigration status of those who commit crimes in our state. "The vast majority of Americans and Arizonans want this law implemented and the judge's action simply circumvents the people's will. "Laws are made by citizens who are elected to serve in state legislatures and the U.S. Congress, and should not be made by federal judges who are appointed. In order to succeed in the battle over illegal aliens, Arizona needs a United States Senator who will fight amnesty and work at the national level for strict anti-illegal alien laws. They are not getting that from Sen. John McCain and he must be replaced in the Republican Primary on Aug. 24.

Rodney Glassman, a Democrat seeking the same Senate seat as Hayworth, was sure to chime in.

I said on the day that Gov. Jan Brewer signed this bill that it was inappropriate and that I believed it was constitutionally questionable.

This ruling further emphasizes that the federal government needs to make immigration reform a high priority. For 28 years, John McCain has been on every side of the immigration issue, and has done nothing to solve this huge problem that has a major impact on Arizona. McCain's failure in Washington has left Arizonans feeling frustrated, which led to SB 1070. Arizona needs a U.S. Senator who will help bring all sides to the table for meaningful federal reform on this critical issue.

Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, now running for state attorney general, wasn't about to let this opportunity slip through his fingers. 

Judge Bolton's decision to largely eliminate a key tool in our fight against illegal immigration was wrong and must be vigorously appealed. As Attorney General I will fight for SB 1070 all the way to our top courts, just as I have done with other measures to reduce crime and illegal immigration.

Thomas' statement concluded with about five paragraphs discussing how great he is -- we'll spare you that crap.

The above comments are only three of nearly 10 we've received today, and we've got a feeling this is only the beginning of the abuse our inbox will face because of Bolton's decision and the politicians who try to capitalize on it.
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