Scavenger Hunt in the Desert for Grenades and C-4 Ends; Owner of Explosives Still Unknown

Authorities' scavenger hunt for guns, ammo, grenades, and "high explosives" that were poorly hidden in the the desert near State Route 87 has come to an end.

Between the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, ATF, and FBI, seven ammo cans were recovered, each containing a cache of explosives or a firearm.

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The Sheriff's Office said hikers had found the aforementioned items in the past couple of days, and investigators were utilizing a map and notes found alongside these items on their scavenger hunt for more of the ammo boxes hidden in the desert.

MCSO Sergeant Brandon Jones said the hikers, in an area called the Great Western Trail, were in the area Sunday when they found an ammo can with ammo and a handgun.

The same hikers made a trip of there Monday and found another ammo can, this one containing hand grenades and "possible C-4 explosives along with detonation cords," Jones said.

MCSO deputies were called out, and they found five more ammo cans with explosives and ammunition.

In addition, one of the cans found Monday night also held a map, which pointed to "several other spots" in the desert. Jones said later Tuesday day that most of the locations on the map ended up being target-shooting locations, based on bullet marks on the boulders that were pinpointed on the map.

In total, seven of the ammo boxes were recovered, and investigators were able to compare the items recovered with an inventory list, which was left in one of the boxes.

The Sheriff's Office doesn't know why someone would do this or who did it, but the area is open to hikers again, if that's your thing.

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