Scott Bundgaard Takes Aim at Aubry Ballard Pal David Leibowitz in Twitter-Town

Shamed former state Senator Scott Bundgaard has found himself in a new fight -- and this time it isn't taking place on the side of a Valley freeway.

Bundgaard is smack-dab in the middle of a Twitter showdown with David Leibowitz, former Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's old PR flack/pal of Aubry Ballard, Bundgaard's former flame who accused the former senator of assaulting her during a fight on the side of the 51 freeway.

"Lie-bowitz, Gordon's attack mutt, is the story. Paid $100k to shill for democrat Mayor Gordon. Another rip off for taxpayers!," Bundgaard "tweeted" yesterday.

Leibowitz, who acted as the media liaison for Ballard during the fallout from the freeway fight, fired back.

"We should discuss this over lunch! Or, better yet, how about a ride down the 51? I know I'm not a 120 pound woman but...," Leibowitz tweeted.

Bundgaard resigned from his seat in the state Senate last month -- just minutes before he was supposed to testify at a Senate ethics hearing investigating the freeway fight.

Leibowitz supports the likes of anti-amnesty Senate candidate Eric Cartman Wil Cardon, and former Congressman/Joe Arpaio flip-flopper Matt Salmon. Oh yeah, he also got paid about $100,000 in taxpayer money to keep Gordon from answering questions from the media.

In other words, we couldn't ask for a better Twitter fight.

See Bundgaard's Twitter page here. Click here to see Leibowitz's.
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