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Scott Bundgaard to Get Boot as Majority Leader, Sources Say

State Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard may have staved off being ousted from his leadership position when he met with Senate Republicans yesterday to explain his involvement in last month's alleged domestic-violence incident, but sources tell New Times that the chances of Bundgaard remaining majority leader after his colleagues revisit the matter next week are zilch.

In fact, sources say, some GOPers want to end Bundgaard's reign as majority leader as early as tomorrow.

Bundgaard told colleagues that new evidence will be revealed this week that corroborates his story about what happened, and prove that his now-ex-gal-pal, Highway Heavyweight Champion Aubry Ballard, pulled out a gun during the scuffle, despite there being no mention of it in the police report.

Several of Bundgaard's Senate GOP colleagues, sources say, aren't buyin' his story, and despite having the votes to give their leader the boot yesterday, opted to play along allow the majority leader to present the "new evidence" before voting.

Bundgaard's PR flack, Jason Rose did not respond to New Times' request for comment.

Ballard's family friend/publicist/pricey city of Phoenix PIO, David Leibowitz, says Bundgaard's claims that Ballard pulled out a gun are ridiculous, telling the Arizona Guardian "did she pick it up and brandish it? Hell no. Senator Bundgaard's shifting story in this matter is laughable. He lied about hitting her. He lied about not telling the police about the immunity angle. And now, suddenly ... after the fact, he's a victim of having a gun pointed at him? He's living in his own world."

Regardless of the world in which Bundgaard's living, here in Arizona he's currently the majority leader of the state Senate, although, apparently not for long.

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