Scottsdale Bottle Thug Busted Thanks to Your Tips

Remember that kinda bro-ish guy who smashed a beer bottle over another guy's face at a Scottsdale bar last month? Well he got busted thanks to your tips.

On Monday, Scottsdale police arrested 31-year-old Bryan Holsapple, of Laveen, for the New Year's Day attack. The cops credit tips from the public, following their request for help identifying the then-unidentified suspect, in tracking down Holsapple.

According to Scottsdale police, Holsapple was at the Devil's Martini bar in Scottsdale to ring in the new year -- and he did so by smashing a bottle over a guy's face for no apparent reason.

Holsapple allegedly walked up to a group of men just after midnight. One of the men in the group asked him to leave. He responded -- as we've mentioned -- by picking up a glass bottle and breaking it over the victim's face.

The victim suffered severe lacerations to his face, and Holsapple got away scot-free -- until now.

According to his Facebook page, Holsapple is a "home electronics specialist" at Ultimate Electronics. Prior to that, he was in the video sales trade at Fry's Electronics. In fact, he was the "No. 1 Salesman in the company from 2005-2007."

In 2011, though, he's more likely to be the No. 1 alleged felon in the company, because he's been charged with aggravated assault.

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