Scottsdale Mom Beats Son, 6, With Belt and Broomstick

Another day, another 6-year-old Valley kid beaten by a parent with a belt.

On Sunday, the day before the horrific incident we reported earlier involving a 6-year-old and a belt, Scottsdale mom Gabriela Barraza, 23, left "numerous" bruises on her 6-year-old son's butt and thighs by beating him with a belt.

The beating wasn't nearly as severe as in the other incident, but we mention it in the hope that parents use their belts and other household objects only for their intended use.

Barraza, who lives in 6600 block of East Avalon Drive, was arrested yesterday by Scottsdale police after they received information about the boy's injuries.

When police interviewed the boy, he told them his mom had beat him because he lied about something. She took him into the bathroom and whacked him with the belt several times, then followed him outside and kept beating him, this time with a broken broomstick.

Barraza admitted to "losing her temper" and that she hit her son with the belt and broomstick, court records state. One bruise on the kid was at least four inches in diameter, police report.

Police are seeking one count of felony child abuse against Barraza, who was booked into the Maricopa County Jail.

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