Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon Accused of Cocaine Theft Can't Practice Due to "Medical Condition"

Dr. Paul Holden -- the Scottsdale plastic surgeon recently arrested in a theft of medicinal cocaine from another surgery outlet -- is currently prohibited from practicing medicine in Arizona.

This temporary order, made effective last week by the Arizona Medical Board, says there was "no finding of unprofessional conduct" against Holden but notes that this is due to a "medical condition." Our best guess is that Holden came down with a severe case of the sniffles.

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-Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon Paul Holden Accused of Stealing "Medicinal Cocaine"

Police said Holden was caught stealing vials of "medicinal cocaine" after breaking into a neighboring surgical outlet in the middle of the night.

Holden was identified from video surveillance footage and by a cleaning woman Holden allegedly ran into during his heist. Employees said Holden used to be allowed to perform surgeries in their facility, but "his access was withdrawn after an incident in 2012," according to court documents.

Holden invoked his right to an attorney after being arrested earlier this month, but court documents noted that while police were investigating a domestic-violence incident between Holden and his wife in May 2012, Holden "fled the residence in his vehicle, making suicidal statements and holding a loaded handgun up to his head, threatening to kill himself."

Holden barricaded himself in his plastic-surgery business, and the building had to be evacuated until was arrested. Those charges were dismissed after he agreed to complete a diversion program.

In this case, Holden was booked into jail on a felony burglary charge.

This temporary order that keeps Holden from practicing medicine says that Holden "has a medical condition that may limit her/his ability to safely engage in the practice of medicine," and that this move "is needed to mitigate imminent danger to the public health and safety."

Holden will need permission from the medical board to continue practicing medicine.

The board's order also says that it ""may initiate a separate disciplinary action based on the facts and circumstances that form the basis for this practice limitation . . ."

Read the order below:

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