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Scottsdale Ranked Hardest-Working City in Arizona

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The people of Scottsdale are the hardest working in Arizona and the sixth-hardest working in the United States, according to a new report. 

To calculate the ranking, the data crunchers at Wallethub analyzed the average number of hours worked per week, the labor force participation rate, and average leisure time per day for 116 of the country's largest cities. They also factored in how many workers held multiple jobs and how many hours per week people volunteered.

Three of the seven Arizona cities included in the analysis ranked among the top 15 hardest-working cities in the country. 

Gilbert followed Scottsdale at number 11, and Chandler swooped in at 15. 

Phoenicians, the next highest ranked Arizona city at 52nd, appear to be quite a bit lazier.

Next on the list: Glendale at 66th, Mesa at 72, and Tucson at 110. 

Gilbert and Chandler ranked highly largely because of the high percentage of people who have jobs. Gilbert had the seventh-highest labor force participation and Chandler had the sixth.

It was the average hours of work per week, however, that pushed Scottsdale up the list. The city only ranked 24th for labor-force participation, but its people clocked more hours at the office than all but two other cities. 

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Source: WalletHub

The question is: Does working more hours always translate into more productivity?

"Not at all," says Michael LeRoy, a professor of labor and employment relations at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who consulted with Wallethub on the study. 

Once a worker hits 50 hours, quality goes downhill. In fact, according to a recent Stanford University study, a worker who puts in 70 hours per week only puts out about the same as someone who puts in 55. 

"When fatigue is reached, nothing is accomplished," LeRoy says. "Only time accumulates, not productivity."

Here's how Arizona stacked up against the other U.S. cities included in the study:

1) Anchorage, Alaska
2) Virginia Beach, Virginia
3) Plano, Texas
4) Sioux Falls, South Dakota
5) Irving, Texas
6) Scottsdale, Arizona
7) San Francisco, California
8) Cheyenne, Wyoming
9) Washington, D.C.
10) Charlotte, North Carolina
11) Gilbert, Arizona
12) Corpus Christi, Texas
13) Denver, Colorado
14) Billings, Montana
15) Chandler, Arizona

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.