Scottsdale Weight Loss Docs Release Smart Phone Application That Rates Nutritional Value of Our Food; Is there Anything an iPhone Can't Do?

As if our double chins and beer guts weren't painful enough of a reminder as to how unhealthy we all are, now our iPhones can scold us into healthier eating habits, too.
Two Scottsdale weight loss doctors have created a smart phone application that gauges and rates the nutritional value of the food we shove into our faces on a daily basis.

Doctors Craig Primack and Robert Ziltzer of the Scottsdale Weight Loss Center are the creators of "FoodGauge," a Smartphone "app" that rates the nutritional value of the food we eat, and gives it a rating in terms of how healthy it is.

"It's like dumbing down nutritional information," says Scottsdale Weight Loss Center spokesman Tyler Ratchjen. " It rates the food on a scale of 1-5; 5 being the most helpful in weight loss."

Ratchjen says Doctors Primack and Ziltzer try and stay as high-tech as possible, and these days, what's more high-tech than doing everything from your cell phone?

The "app" costs 99 cents, and is available for Blackberries and iPhones.

Sure, telling us we're eating crappy food is helpful, but let's be realistic: until our Blackberries are capable of electrocuting us every time we pick up a Snickers bar, our spare tires are here to stay.

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James King
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