Scottsdale Woman Allegedly Catches Boyfriend Cheating -- Then He Runs Her Over With His Car

Ladies, if you think your boyfriend sucks, we assure it could be worse -- he could be 31-year-old Christopher Botti, who not only allegedly cheated on his now-former-flame but ran her over with his car after she found out about it.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Botti and the woman had been dating for about two years. For some of that time, they lived together in a house in Mesa until they were evicted a few months ago.

The woman moved in with a friend in Scottsdale, but Botti was told by the friend that he'd have to find his own place to stay.

Earlier this week, Botti broke the cardinal rule when it comes to cheating on girlfriends: he got caught.

The woman dumped Botti, but that didn't stop him from showing up at her house Monday night, despite being told not to by the woman's roommate.

The two argued at the house before Botti tried to leave.

Botti got into his car and started to drive off, but his scorned ex-girlfriend chased him out of the house and jumped on the car.

Botti backed up with the woman clinging to his driver's-side mirror, when at some point she fell off and was run over by Botti.

Rather than call an ambulance, Botti tried to run. He hid his car at a Scottsdale apartment complex, but police tracked him down by the next morning.

Detectives contacted Botti and got him to agree to meet with police. Botti was on his way to the agreed-upon meeting place (under police surveillance at this point), but had a change of heart and went to a friend's house instead.

Botti's buddy, court docs show, gave him two Vicodins. Botti then tried to recruit the friend to drive him out of the area, but the friend said no, and called police.

Botti was arrested about 4:30 p.m. yesterday. He's been charged with one count of endangerment, and one count of leaving the scene of an injury accident.

Following his arrest, Botti told police he didn't realize he'd run the woman over, but he admitted he thought he saw her hit her head on the ground. He claims she was assaulting him while clinging to his car, and even tried to pepper spray him as he attempted to drive away.

Botti's ex-girlfriend's injuries are serious. Police say she's currently in intensive care with severe brain swelling. They say it's unclear whether she'll survive. 

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