Sean Drenth Death: Don't Expect DNA Results for Several Months, Cops Say

More than a month after more than two dozen Phoenix cops were ordered to turn their DNA over to investigators so it could be compared to DNA recovered at the scene of the death of Sergeant Sean Drenth, there are still no definitive answers -- and none are expected for several months, the PPD says.

"As far as DNA evidence goes, at this point in the investigation, there has been no link made between known DNA standards collected and evidence processed to date," Phoenix PD Sergeant Trent Crump says. "The overall processing of the evidence and comparative analysis is not complete and is expected to take several months. We will continue working on the case until all leads have been exhausted."

The officers ordered to turn over their DNA are the same cops believed to be involved in a fraud scheme that resulted in the indictment of three current officers and one former.

Drenth, Phoenix police Chief Jack Harris confirmed last month, was also on the list of officers involved in the scheme (which you can read all about by clicking here) and probably would have been indicted, as well, if he were still alive.

There has been speculation that Drenth's death was somehow tied to the investigation that led up to the indictment of the four officers -- and what would have likely been an indictment of his own.

Fueling the speculation is the fact that Harris also claimed last week that Drenth knew he, and the other officers, were being investigated. However, Harris also said he knew of no connection between the investigation and Drenth's death.

However, Harris also said last month, the DNA samples were ordered because they help "eliminate the people that were there ... to ensure that none of them were involved in the case."

Drenth's body was found shot to death near the State Capitol -- next to his police cruiser -- on October 18. He was on-duty at the time, but was out of contact with his precinct for about 45 minutes before the shooting.

The Phoenix P.D. has been fairly tight-lipped about the investigation, and the medical examiner hasn't said whether it was a murder or a suicide.

Skeptics suggest he may have known he was under investigation and killed himself. There's also the theory that he was aiding in the investigation of the other officers and was killed by one of them.

Crump stresses to New Times that the key words in his update on the case are "to date." Stay tuned...

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