Search for ASU Freshman Jack Culolias Ends, Then Starts Again: "Object" Spotted in Water

UPDATE (3:30 PM): Jack Colulias' DNA was found in the red shoe found by his mother near Tempe Marketplace, police say. The search continues.

The search for 19-year-old ASU freshman Jack Culolias -- who hasn't been seen since Friday -- ended last night.

The search then started again this morning, as Tempe police Sergeant Michael Pooley says in an e-mail to media that police received a call last night about an "object, resembling a person's silhouette" being spotted in the Salt River basin, outside of the original search area.

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After announcing the end of the three-day search yesterday afternoon, Pooley said "nothing of evidentiary value was found," except the single red shoe, which is presumed to be Culolias'. The DNA results should be back next week, to determine if it is, indeed, his shoe.

Now, with yesterday's phone call from a person Pooley describes as a "concerned resident," police will continue their search of the river basin, but will extend the search area north of the spot that's already been searched.

"We are determined to find Jack Colulias and will continue our efforts in searching every area we feel may lead to more information in Jack's disappearance," Pooley says.

Culolias was kicked out of Cadillac Ranch in Tempe Marketplace around 11 p.m. Friday -- where he used a fake ID to get in -- during an event with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, in which Culolias is a pledge.

Although there continue to be mentions of hazing being involved (ahem), that doesn't seem to be the case -- which we've previously explained.

Culolias' mother -- a California resident, who ended up filing the missing-person report with ASU police on Sunday -- told police that her son had been fearful about the prospect of being hazed in the coming week, as a fraternity pledge.

That apparently led police to interviewing Sigma Alpha Epsilon members, and that led investigators to the Tempe Marketplace area. That discovery led to Tempe police taking over the investigation.

Pooley said yesterday that police are still interviewing people, and they're still taking tips, too.

Police ask anyone with information to call them at 480-350-8311, and police have provided the following link for anyone who wants to leave a tip anonymously, over the Internet: tempe.gov/index.aspx?page=2653.

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