Senate Hopeful John Dougherty Unveils Campaign's Latest Piece of Political Art

jA week before he'll learn his political fate, Senate hopeful, and former New Times columnist John Dougherty has unveiled his campaigns latest piece of political art.

Dougherty's been running political cartoons by Arizona cartoonist Tom Robertson in several Arizona newspapers, New Times included.

In his latest ad, Dougherty, often billed as the sort of "every man's" candidate, goes after Senator John McCain -- his likely opponent in the general election, should he win the primary -- for "The Maverick's" cozyin' up to corporate fat cats.

Robertson even throws in a subtle jab at McCain's uber-lame "Danged Fence" ad.

Check out Dougherty's new ad after the jump. 

Dougherty is in the midst of a primary battle to become the Democratic nominee for Senate. He's not your average candidate and we usually love hearing what he's got to say -- except, of course, when he's talking about "Wall Street" and Main Street" -- soooo played.

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