Senate Majority Whip Pam Gorman Resigns Post 'Cause of Republican Infighting

If you can't beat em', quit. That's what one Arizona lawmaker chose to do today as the state budget battle wages on.

Senate Majority Whip Pamela Gorman resigned her post in the Republican leadership in response to the party's support of a 1-cent-sales-tax increase.

"This tax increase issue is tearing our otherwise strong caucus apart and is'taking on a life of its own that is not healthy for our caucus, nor our party," Gorman writes in an email to members of the GOP group. "Given that I cannot support the position of Senate leadership on these tax increase and spending issues, I feel it is appropriate that I resign my position as Senate Majority Whip effective immediately."

The sales tax increase was proposed by Republican Governor Jan Brewer as a way to help close the state's $3.4 billion budget gap.

Gorman's Whip seat is already getting eyed by other Senate Republicans like Ron Gould, who has already written an email to Senate President Bob Burns expressing interest.

Replacing Gorman is almost certain to create more Republican infighting, and as they're already duking it out over the budget, where will they find the time?

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