Senator Don Shooter Charged with Three Misdemeanors for His Charter School Rampage

Teabagging state Senator Don Shooter has been charged with three misdemeanors for barging into a charter school while yelling his name and scolding a teacher.

A city prosecutor in Yuma charged the senator with disorderly conduct, disruption of an educational institution, and criminal trespassing.

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In late March, Shooter charged into Yuma's EOC Charter High School for troubled teens where his grandson attended. He yelled at a classroom teacher, Danielle Munoz, who caught the tail end of his rampage on her cell phone. Several school employees had to stand between him and the teacher and usher him out before he traumatized a classroom full of kids and the little vein on his forehead popped.

News reports say Shooter's lawyer is trying to work a deal with the prosecutor that could get him off. Go figure.

Here's a recap of Shooter's rampage:

Shooter asked the school registrar to speak with Munoz, to which the registrar said he'd have to make an appointment. The senator then repeated that he was DON SHOOTER! and he must speak with the teacher. When a phone call distracted the registrar, the police report says, Shooter sneaked around and headed for Munoz's classroom. 

Shooter barged into the room and stood at arm's length from Munoz, who is listed as a special education teacher at the school. Shooter waved his finger in her face and, the report notes, said, "Are you the teacher of this classroom?" to which Munoz replied she was.

"My name is Donald Shooter, I am [here] to . . . " Munoz cut him off by offering her hand and introducing herself, and then Shooter continued. "You have my grandson in your class, and let me tell you . . ." 

The argument carried on, and as another person stood between the two, Munoz backed up and began recording the confrontation on her phone. When Shooter noticed he was being recorded, he walked out. 

Munoz told the officer later that she felt threatened and feared for her own safety and the safety of her student. 

If bursting into a class and yelling at a teacher while repeating, "I'm Don Shooter," wasn't enough, he made sure to let Patricia Romant, operations director of the Yuma Private Industry Council, which is affiliated with the school, know that he is a "state senator and very influential man in Yuma and in the state," the report says.

Shooter then called Eileen Sigmund, president of the Arizona Charter Schools Association, to complain. 

Sigmund says Shooter did indeed call her afterward and explained that Munoz had belittled his grandson and he wanted something done about it. 

"Whenever I get any family calling, we do the same thing," Sigmund says. "There is no special treatment because he's a senator."

Hopefully, the prosecutor feels the same way.

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