Senator Don Shooter on Camera Barging Into School

Last month, Republican State Senator Don Shooter made an unannounced and unwanted appearance at a Yuma charter school. He burst into a classroom after he slipped past the front desk and caused a scene, according to police reports. 

New Times just received the cell phone video that teacher Danielle Munoz took of the incident, and catches ol' Angry Face Shooter in the act. Shooter apparently yelled his name over and over, demanding to speak with the teacher of the classroom, which Shooter's grandson apparently attends.  

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Yuma police are recommending misdemeanor charges against Shooter possibly for assault, interference or disruption of an educational institution, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

The below video seems to show Shooter near the end of his outburst, because according to the report, when Shooter saw he was being filmed he decided to leave. 

You can read the above links to get caught up on what happened, but this account from what seems to be a young student in the class sums it up nicely, too. 

(Some words have been cut off near the edges in the version included in the report, and we've corrected some spelling errors.)

"[I] was sitting in class when the door opened and a man [came] in class and asked my teacher if she was Danielle Munoz ... [she] answered yes. The man said his name was Don Shooter and Ms. Amber [the school registrar that Shooter slipped by when she answered a call] came in behind the man and told him if he can please walk out of the class room [and] that he can't just walk in the building like that and that it was her job to tell him that. The man told Amber that it was OK ... the man got angry and raised his voice more and more. Ms. Munoz grabbed her phone. The man with an angry face walked towards Ms. Munoz when one of my class peers got up in front of the man. Then I got up and the man walked out of the class room."

Nice, Shooter. Class act.

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