If we're lucky, she'll never come back...
If we're lucky, she'll never come back...

"Senator" Janet Napolitano? "President" Sarah Palin? No Thanks, Say Cronkite Poll Respondents

Sand Landers want former guv and now-DHS czar Janet Napolitano to keep polishing her chair in D.C. And not as a U.S. Senator.

That's what a new Cronkite-Eight poll reveals. In a hypothetical 2010 head-to-head between Nappy and Senator John McCain, McCain'd top Napolitano 50 to 41 percent.

No surprise there, really. Nappy's name is mud after ditching the state for a sweet gig with the Obama administration as its token nativist. Her relative hard line toward immigrants (the expansion of the 287(g) and Secure Communities programs) has won her few pals with Arizonans still miffed that she abandoned the Grand Canyon State in the midst of an unprecedented budget crisis and recession.

It would have been interesting to see how she'd have done against right-wing gob-flapper J.D. Hayworth, who's running just behind McCain in a possible primary match up. I'm guessing J.D. would pretty much smoke her in a general election. 

The Cronkite-Eight poll's other results show that McCain's former running mate Sarah Palin isn't thought of in presidential terms by Arizonans. Only 20 percent believe the wackjob from Wasilla would make a fine Commander in Chief. Sixty-three percent think otherwise.

That's slightly surprising considering that she's the darling of tea-bag, Joe the Plumber types, who're snapping up her book Going Rogue like it has the power to ward off the swine flu. As conservatards reign supreme here in Cactus Country, you'd figure they'd love to see Caribou Barbie shooting off assault rifles on the front lawn of the White House some day. 

Still, expect the moonhowlin' Obama-haters to descend on the Tempe Costco en masse  December 1 when Palin's in town as part of her book tour. (Costco? What, were there no discount furniture stores available?)

I'm thinking of printing out one of Levi Johnston's risque modeling poses and asking her to John Hancock it. I may have to buy a book as cover, but her reaction would be worth the price of admission. Dontcha think?

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