Senators John McCain, Jon Kyl Upset Their Praise for Senate Candidate Richard Carmona Surfaced in Campaign Ad A Decade Later

The campaign ads are showing no signs of slowing in the heated race for Arizona's U.S. Senate seat.

Congressman Jeff Flake, who is endorsed by Arizona Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl, has been making every effort to paint his opponent, Rich Carmona, as a handpicked candidate who will rubber stamp President Barack Obama's policies.

Carmona flipped that notion on its head with his latest campaign ad starting the state's almost native sons -- John and Jon -- who offer glowing endorsements of Carmona.

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Of course, the lawmakers are crying foul, saying that Carmona is twisting their words -- only they're on video all but singing his praises when he was appointed by President George Bush as U.S. Surgeon General in 2002.

The ad screams out that Carmona is an Independent at heart, and has (or had) Republican friends.

In a statement the duo released, posted on a GOP blog, they blast Carmona for what they call a "deeply dishonest" ad, and for implying he has the senators' support.

It might be subtle, but the 30-second spot does note various times that the senators are speaking about Carmona's confirmation for U.S. Surgeon General.

And, when McCain says that Carmona's "inspiring story is the living embodiment of the American dream" -- well, Carmona's story hasn't changed. So McCain's word hold true, even a decade later.

He also says, in the ad, that Carmona is one of the most decorated policemen in Arizona. That also hasn't changed.

Carmona is that same guy who saved lives in Vietnam and as a surgeon, risked his life as a Green Beret and as a deputy for the Pima County Sheriff's Office, fatally shot a man who was trying to kill him and took a bullet in the leg from a man who was trying to kill himself.

Sure, the "johns" are probably sour that Carmona didn't join their team and run for political office under the Republican banner.

If he had, you can be sure they would be enthusiastically endorsing Carmona -- and using the same words they did when they made a clear case to their fellow U.S. Senators why Carmona was the right person to appoint as the nation's doctor.

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Monica Alonzo
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