Sergio Velderrain Told Cops He Chugged Some Four Lokos and Peed in the Toilet. By "Toilet," He Meant He Peed on a Baby

Sergio Velderrain has an excuse for peeing on his 4-month-old kid early Sunday morning -- he could've sworn the baby was a toilet.

The kid's mom says that's not exactly how she remembered it happening, but they're both agreeing that Velderrain, 31, peed on a baby.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the cops showed up to the Phoenix home after the baby's mother told police she saw Velderrain pee on the kid that morning.

The woman told police Velderrain was laughing while whizzing on the kid, saying, "Now he has something to remember his dad by," court documents state.

Velderrain had his own version of events.

Velderrain claimed he drank two Four Loko beverages before falling asleep drunk, and he woke up at some point in the night to the baby's mother shaking his arm, informing him that he was peeing on the baby.

Velderrain told police the room was dark, and he really thought the baby was the toilet.

The baby was sleeping in a stroller near the bathroom, Velderrain told police, which means the baby wasn't actually in the bathroom, nor was the baby actually a toilet.

Both Velderrain and the baby's mother told police he'd peed on the baby, and both said the baby's mother had to remove the urine-soaked clothes from the kid and clean him up.

Velderrain was booked into jail on a felony child-abuse charge.

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