"Serial Shooter" Lead Detective Back at Work After Close Call

We were leaving from a visit to 620, otherwise known as the Phoenix Police Department, this morning, and bumped into Detective Clark Schwartzkopf.

We barely know Detective Schwartzkopf but have heard a lot about his excellent work as the lead agent in the infamous "Serial Shooters" case.

Two Valley men -- Sam Dieteman and Dale Hausner -- randomly killed eight people and wounded 17 others during a protracted shooting spree that began in mid 2005 and ended in their August 2006 arrests.

The case ended (forget the appeals for a moment) last August when Dieteman was sentenced to life without parole.

Schwartzkopf returned to his routine for a time, but a few months ago suffered a heart attack.

The trim PPD veteran is only 47 years old, and the sudden illness stunned his colleagues.

After several weeks off for rehab, Schwartzkopf returned to work yesterday, actually looking none the worse for wear. Wearing a big smile, he said it was great to be back and left it at that.

His friends and colleagues at the PD are certainly happy about the positive turn of events.


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