Serial Tot-Toucher James Lamb Could be Coming to Arizona Unsupervised

To quote Antoine Dodson, "hide yo' kids."

A serial child molester living in California could be coming to the Grand Canyon State under no governmental supervision.

James Lamb admitted to molesting more than 50 kids. He was convicted of child molestation both in 1984 and 1991, and in 1998 was ordered into California's Sexually Violent Predator Program.

Lamb was granted conditional release in 2007 and has lived -- under the state's supervision -- in a home in Monterey County, California, since 2009.

Now, Lamb may be released from government supervision, pending the outcome of a hearing to determine whether he should be released from the state's program for sexual violent predators.

If Lamb's released from the program, he plans to move to Arizona to be closer to his mother, the Californian reports.

The hearing is in its first day, and a psychiatrist who has been working with the convicted pervert says he's not ready to be released without supervision.

Dr. Douglas Tucker testified that he's caught Lamb lying and hiding his trash since his release from a state mental hospital -- neither of which bode well when considering his likelihood to reoffend.

Check back to Valley Fever next week for the outcome of Lamb's hearing.

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